The WOA Process

Bespoke. Work of Art specializes in fully custom woodworking & cabinetry designed to fit your home & lifestyle seamlessly. We work with contractors, architects, designers and home owners forging close relationships through our tailored process. Our degree of customization and impeccable quality is what sets us apart and we back all of our work by an unconditional guarantee. The steps below outline the rigorous steps taken to ensure our projects are unmatched - even for the most discerning clients.

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    All WOA products are manufactured in our modern facility located in Limehouse, Ontario, Canada. All products are quality checked at each stage of the process ensuring only the finest results.

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    personal blog

    An exclusive WOA service offered to our customers. A personal blog is created to post status updates - so you can experience your project every step of the way. An indispensable tool for our international customers.

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    Any finish you can imagine, we can do it. Working with the most skilled artists, we are able to either match any existing, or create one-of-a-kind finishes to suit your tastes. One look and you will notice the difference that a WOA finish makes.

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    We don't simply offer to install our cabinets we insist upon it. Through this, we ensure quality, timely & accountable delivery. If anything doesn't perform to our clients high standards - we will fix it. Guaranteed.

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